11. Concrete Polishing

Ultra-Polish 800 (Densifier)

A two-component, extra-strength, water-based & lithium based solution designed to densify cement & concrete substrates. It chemically hardens & fortifies the substrate making it more abrasion resistant while protecting the surface from wear, moisture and efflorescence.

Ultra-Polish 825 (Conditioner)

A one-component, water-based, self-cross linking, hydrophobic, organic polymer & silane/siloxane used in the grind and polish process as a surface conditioner & stain guard. To be applied before the final polishing step to increase long term performance, gloss & stain resistance.

Ultra-Polish 850 (Grout Coat)

A two-component, 100% solids epoxy designed to be used as a grout coat which strengthens weak concrete prior to the grind & polish process. Ultra-Polish 850 improves concrete performance. Accelerator available which allows for quicker start time for the grind & polish process to begin.