Brochure: Ultra-Coat System

01. Utra-Coat System

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02. Ultra-Prime 50

Ultra-Prime 50 provides a more workable surface and helps ensure a proper bond when applying acrylic based coatings over properly prepared concrete substrates.

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03. Color-Seal

Color-Seal is a waterborne, interior/exterior, colored acrylic sealer (satin finish) designed to be applied over properly prepared concrete, masonry, stucco, brick, concrete block and pavers. May be used for above ground, vertical and horizontal applications. Color-Seal forms a durable film which provides long lasting protection while improving the appearance of the substrate by adding color. Color-Seal is low odor, quick-drying, water resistant and provides excellent hot tire resistance and adhesion.

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04. Ultra-Shield 200 (Epoxy)

Ultra-Shield 200 is a clear, 2-component, 100% solids, UV resistant, epoxy topcoat.

05. Ultra-Guard 300 (Polyaspartic)

Ultra-Guard 300 is an aliphatic, environmentally friendly, UV resistant, 91% solids, polyaspartic surface topcoat for flooring systems which require a quick curing time.

06. Ultra-Glaze 400 (Urethane)

A clear- two-component, waterborne, UV resistant, aliphatic polyurethane which cures to an inert, tough, impact, abrasion and chemical resistant finish coat. Available in Gloss, Satin and Matte.

07. Ultra-Seal 500 (Acrylic)

Ultra-Seal 500 is a single-component, waterborne, UV stable, high performance, fast drying acrylic emulsion which may be used as a concrete and cementitious sealer or as a vinyl chip grout coat. Exhibits excellent adhesion when applied over new and existing concrete surfaces.

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