d. Stucco & Cementitious Coatings

1. U-Trowel

A cement-based, waterproof, traditional stucco applied by trowel over properly prepared masonry and concrete surfaces. One coat produces a high density finish which may be applied in a wide variety of textures. Designed to be mixed with Add Mix-35.

2. U-Trowel Basecoat

A cement-based, fiber-reinforced basecoat for U-Trowel, stucco finishes, manufactured stone and thin stone veneers. U-Trowel Basecoat may be applied by trowel over a variety of surfaces (including metal lath). Designed to be mixed with Add Mix-35.

3. Surface Bonding Cement

A cement-based, fiber-reinforced, polymer- modified, waterproof coating designed to be applied by trowel over dry stacked concrete block, rigid insulation board, masonry and concrete surfaces.

4. U-Seal

U-Seal is a cement based, waterproof coating designed to be applied by brush or spray over masonry and concrete surfaces. U-Seal creates a permanent waterproof barrier which prevents moisture migration and seals out water & dampness against hydrostatic pressure.

5. Styrocoat

A cement-based, polymer-modified basecoat for synthetic stucco finishes (Umaco Finish-Coat). Applied by trowel, Styrocoat embeds fiberglass reinforced mesh fabric over expanded polystyrene insulation board (EPS) and cement board. Styrocoat may also be used to adhere EPS to vertical concrete, masonry and exterior grade plywood surfaces.

6. Perma-Finish

A 100% acrylic-based, aggregate-textured, synthetic stucco applied over properly prepared expanded polystyrene insulation board, cement board, concrete, masonry, exterior-grade plywood, plaster and stucco surfaces. Perma-Finish is ready to use and is available in a variety of colors and textures.