c. Patch, Plug & Anchoring

1. U-Patch

A fast-setting (6-10 minutes), cement-based, non-shrink material designed to repair all types of vertical and horizontal concrete and masonry surfaces. Designed to be mixed with Add Mix-21.

2. VHO Patch

A fast-setting (15-20 minutes), cement-based, polymer-modified material designed to repair vertical, horizontal and overhead concrete and masonry surfaces up to 2” thick in one application.

3. Vinylcrete

A cement-based, polymer-modified, waterproof material used to patch holes up to 1-1/2” deep, smooth uneven and pitted concrete.

4. Non-Shrink Grout

A non-shrink, high strength, non-metallic cementitious grouting compound which may be poured or troweled when used for a variety of anchoring and patching applications.

5. U-Plug

A fast-setting (5-10 minutes), non-shrink, hydraulic cement designed to instantly stop running water from seeping through holes and cracks found in masonry and concrete.

6. Tite-Roc

A fast-setting, pourable, expanding, hydraulic material designed for anchoring fixtures in concrete and masonry.

7. Road Patch

A fast-setting, cement-based, highway patching compound and overlayment material used to restore concrete substrates requiring a minimum build-up of 2 inches. Ready for rubber wheeled traffic in 60 minutes.